We have a well equipped machine shop with all kinds of machines such as lathe, milling machines, shaping machines, radial drilling machines, power hacksaw, bench drilling machines, surface grinding machines, etc.

  • Engine fitters for overhaul of diesel engines/gear boxes from the smallest to the largest diesel engines.
  • Tailshafts, propellers and rudders removed for survey and repair, alignment checks, bearing replacement.
  • Fuel valve injection and pump overhaul. (Single plunger or mono bloc type fuel pumps). Re-white metaling of bearings.
  • Foundry for general casting in bronze and aluminium.
  • Dye penetrant and Magnaflux crack detection approved to US Military standards.
  • Machinery bed plate using Philadelphia Resin “Chockfast Orange”.
  • Mechanical fitters for overhaul of pumps, valves and general machinery including the cleaning of heat-exchangers and                      coolers.

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