Marine & Industrial Pump Repair Division

Marine and Industrial Pump Repair (Gulf), a subsidiary of BASREC is a specialist pump repair facility. Its aim is to provide customers who require spare parts or pump work in Bahrain or the Arabian Gulf with high quality solutions that deliver on BASREC’s promise of professional standard services.

We may also provide other services associated with related equipment based upon client request.


BASREC’s Marine and Industrial division, just like its other subsidiaries, has its own specific services and expertise. Our team strive in providing our clients the highest quality work.

  • Protective Coating on Internal and External Surfaces
  • Manufacture of Spare Parts (Pump and Non-Pump Related)
  • Inspection and Overhauling of Industrial Gear Boxes
  • Carry Out Repairs and Rewinding Works of AC/DC Motors
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) for the Manufacture of Spare Parts

First Grade Services

Marine and Industrial Pump Repair division is composed of a team of highly skilled professionals who carve the way to providing first grade services in pump repair and maintenance services.

For the past years, we have worked with some of the largest companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain, providing them with the highest quality services and results.

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